Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

This week was an interesting one, so I didn't take very many pictures. My family came over for dinner on Thursday night and I didn't take one single picture. Sad day!

On Monday, we still had warm weather, so I went out on the path. I had to race the sun home, but the sunset made it all worth it. Darn time change and crazy cold weather that will keep me inside for a while.
On Wednesday I had to go get a tetanus shot after school. I mean really? One more thing to add to my week. Then I came home and cleaned my house for dinner the next night, which kept my arm (where I got my shot) from hurting too much. It's still a little tender. Luckily, I'm good for another 10 years.
It rained some this week and was crazy cold, so the water on the playground couldn't really dry up.  We had indoor recess a couple of times and I think we'll be doing the same thing this week. 
I hung out with my sister, niece and nephew on Friday. We had dinner, got frozen yogurt and watched Planes Fire and Rescue.
Today we all went to see Big Hero 6 with my mom. It was really good. Then we had lunch and ran some errands.
Now I have lots to take care of this week before I get to have 9 entire days off for Thanksgiving!
Happy Weekend!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Saturday Snapshots {On a Monday}

So I completely forgot to update on Saturday. I'm really failing miserably when it comes to keeping this little blog updated. I really thought I was doing good this past week to have a post other than on Saturday or Sunday and then I completely forgot to post on Saturday. Oh well… so is life. Luckily for me, you all (and when I say you all, I really mean my mom) seem to be very forgiving. So here was last week:

We went to a craft show last weekend and my baby nephew got to see this alligator. He thought it was pretty cool!
Then I went to hang out with these two cool kids on Sunday. He rode his bike and she rode in her stroller. We are soaking up the few extremely beautiful days we get!
He is so focused in this pictures. He's standing up and his tongue is out. Such a BIG kid!
I took a bunch of pictures of her smiling. She's getting so big too. It's so fun to see her little personality come out. I love, love when she smiles at me!
While I was taking the pictures of his sister smiling, he wanted in on the little photo shoot, so he got next to his sister. Her face makes me crack up! She's like, "big bro get out of my space!" I had to help him place his hand in a better spot.
We opened up and explored a pumpkin a few weeks ago after doing our sink or float experiment. Then we poured potting soil in to it to see if it would grow. It did!! Then it started to rot and smell, so we stuck it outside. Maybe it will continue to grow out there.
Each kid in our class got a turkey feather to decorate and they're all so unique! It's pretty fancy!
We got quite a bit of rain this week, so when the sun finally came out it was beautiful and picture worthy. I had missed the sun. I'm not sure how people live in the North and spend a crazy amount of hours without the sun. I guess it takes a special person to do that.
I got to enjoy the weather outside on Saturday. My baby nephew played on the swing set and we relaxed! I'm really appreciating the fact that our beautiful days are landing on the weekends, so we can really make the most of them!
Another awesome sky on Saturday!
Now a new week begins. Remember how last week I said things were getting better at school and we were getting in to a routine finally. Well I might have spoken too soon. More change is on the horizon. Bahumbug. Hopefully we'll have some answers to a few different situations pretty soon. I'm praying for the best for our kids and our classroom-- whatever that might be. If you happen to think about me while you're praying this week, would you join me in that prayer?! Thanks so much!
Happy New Week!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fabric Wrapped Frame

I saw a fabric wrapped frame on Under the Sycamore a few weeks ago and thought I would give it a go too! I had a frame that I bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby a while ago with thoughts of what I might do with it. It was actually broken in one of the corners, but that wasn't a problem with this project. 

To make a fabric wrapped frame, you're going to need:
- A frame (any size you choose)
- Fabric (cut in to about one inch strips)
- Yarn or string of some kind
- Hot glue gun
- Mini clothes pins (to attach your pictures)
- Pictures

I cut my strips of fabric in to about one inch strips (some were skinnier) and just began by gluing down the end on the back side near a corner. Then I started wrapping the fabric around the frame. When I got to the end of one of the fabric strips, I glued down the end and began my next fabric strip. It's a pretty easy deal. When I was done wrapping my fabric, I started wrapping my yarn around the outside of the frame. The important thing here is that you make sure to pull your yarn pretty tight or it will sag when you try to clip something to it.
I had some fabric rosettes that I had made before, so I decided to add a few to the corners. My bedroom is gray and yellow, so I thought the yellow, fabric flowers worked nicely. Of course, you can embellish your frame any way you wish! :)
Here is the finished product! I like it a lot! Especially since I made it with supplies I already had at home. For the win! I'm all about easy and relatively inexpensive ways to make my house a little more homey.
What crafts or home decor projects have you come across online and made to make your space a little bit prettier?