Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

My days have been exhausting. This season has been a new experience of frustration at school. Luckily, my co-teacher and I were matched perfectly by God (I'm so serious) and we've been working hard to find a better way to fix our logistical issues. I'm praying and hoping for better days to come soon. So with that being said, my days have been full of school and family. By the time I get home in the evenings, I haven't had the energy to blog. I do write up fantastic posts in my head about it all, but sadly, they never make it in to my computer. Again, I'm sorry for not keeping this space updated. 

This week began with a family celebration for my cousin, Madison's, birthday!
My aunt gave another cousin this giant knife to cut the cookie cake. Terrible idea!
Then I went to spend time with my baby niece. I didn't get to see her very much the week before. She's so sweet!
On Monday, we celebrated the woman who our school was named after. I might have eaten a ridiculous amount of cupcakes this week. They were delicious though!
I love the sky! I'm sure you won't pick that up from this post. There might just be a few pictures of the sky to follow. Just bear with me! :)
We celebrated my sister's birthday with my dad on Tuesday, so I went over to her house to hang out with the kids before dinner. This little girl was three weeks old on Tuesday.
Wednesday morning- It's always a sweet sight to back out of my driveway and see this.
Thursday morning there was another beautiful sunrise. Some mornings I'm not super thrilled about getting up and going to work, so the sunrise is a nice reminder of it being a new day with new hope.
We celebrated my sister's birthday on Thursday with my mom. We went to our favorite neighborhood Mexican food restaurant. The party "hat" got passed down to a precious little kid.
We lived Friday night up. I got to hold this little sweet pea while watching a movie.
My mom, sister, niece, nephew and I went to IKEA today. I have a new project to start for some wall decor in my bedroom. I'm excited about it! I can't wait to share!
I took a picture of my mom and her grandkids today. It's a little blurry, but it's still precious.
I got to watch this little miss tonight while the rest of her family went to dinner and a movie. She's getting a little feisty. She's lucky she's cute! We'll have to teach her that it's not very nice to punch people in the face.
So now it's bedtime! I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

I have been awful about keeping this little blog going lately. My Saturday Snapshots are barely making it up on Saturdays. Sorry about that. My days are just busier than I anticipate them to be. I am thankful for sweet friends, laughing and time to relax this weekend. 

We had open house on Monday, so we stuck this little project on the wall. We thought it would be fun for parents to see how their kids see themselves. The caption reads, "What we love most about our classroom is whom we share it with!"
Here is my co-teacher teaching our kiddos this week. Moments like this are great when everyone is focused and learning. Looking forward to more of this!
My sweet friend sent me a card. I love it and love her!
I was getting gas this week and was trying to be fast since the sky was about to open up and pour. I of course, managed to select an incredibly slow pump. I was there for way too long, but I got to admire God's handiwork in the sky. The lightning was pretty spectacular!
The sky Wednesday morning was gorgeous. We've had so much rain this week, so when the sky is like this, I am thrilled!
I went to dinner with my parents and nephew on Thursday. Before dinner we decided we needed to make some glitter creations.
I taught him how to put the glitter paint on one side and then fold it to create a butterfly. We had fun. Just a little bit though. :)
It's been so fun for us to share our knowledge of different programs to help our kids succeed. In this picture my co-teacher is using the Writing Without Tears program to teach our kiddos about letters. I'm so grateful for her!
This week has been so much better than the last several weeks! I'm thankful that we're starting to get our footing and there's hope for what's to come! I hope your week was great too and you're enjoying your weekend!