Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Snapshots

This week was our first week of summer. Hallelujah! It was packed full of family and packing!
I spent lots of time with these two. Once I take a picture of her, then he needs to have one. That's ok with me!
We went to Chuck E. Cheese and Dairy Queen on Tuesday. Summer fun day!
In the spare moments that I wasn't hanging out with my niece and nephew, I spent packing for Romania. It's quite a task.
 I left for Romania on Thursday. We flew through Amsterdam and then on to Bucharest, which was followed by a 5 hour drive to our final destination.
The Romanian countryside is beautiful, so I don't mind the drive! I spent a good portion of the drive sleeping too.
This morning I woke up early thanks to a little bit of jet lag and enjoyed the sunrise. 
We spent the day today at the park and zoo with some kids that are currently at the "Emergency Care Center." This is where kids go when they are removed from their homes and before being placed in to a foster family or group home. A few of the kids had been brought to the Emergency Care Center in the last few days, so it was really fun to watch them all play and enjoy being kids. After eating lunch at the park, we went to the group home and played with the kids there. Then we went to do some shopping for last minute items we needed for VBS this week and to eat dinner. It's been a great first day of ministry! We are looking forward to church tomorrow and then an awesome week with the kids at the Point of Hope. Please pray for our time in Romania to be fruitful! Thanks!
Have a wonderful weekend!