Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

This week has been full and relaxing and wonderful! I began the week with a full day of professional development on Monday. I got to meet lots of the staff at my new school, had lunch with my new kinder team and then listened to a very motivational speaker. Part of our time in the morning was spent making "The Mighty Motivator." We discussed all the different ways to create a positive environment, show our students we care and to encourage our students to do their best.
My baby nephew spent the night on Monday. We made crescent rolls with hot dogs and cheese in them for dinner. Yum! He's really in to being "my little helper." He didn't get to touch anything hot or even be near the oven when it was open, but he was having a blast with the oven mitts.
He got these toys this week and he named them pretty interesting names. Please meet Princess Emily, Vacation, Spike Back, Spike Back and Bed Head. I told him their real names and he didn't care. I don't either!
I went to the teacher store and bought 24 new tubs for book bins, morning tubs and math tubs since my new school doesn't have any for me to use. I've been working really hard on not spending any more money on my classroom, so I kind of blew that.
He finally put on the outfit I brought back for him from Hong Kong. It actually fit really well and he looked so cute!
He had VBS in the mornings this past week and swim lessons in the afternoon. He is busier than I am! His busy has been keeping me busy.
He spent the night again last night. We had macaroni and apples for dinner. He chose to watch the macaroni cook from a "safe distance." He says the funniest things!
I had a blast spending so much time with my baby nephew this week. It was also really nice to learn a little more about my new school and the staff. I'm feeling a little more at ease. I'm thinking I'm going to watch some movies on work on some school stuff today.
Happy Weekend!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

I've been back in the States for a week now and normal life has been creeping back in to my summer. Plus, I've experienced some weird jet lag, so this week has been fun. I'm still not back in the swing of things for blogging either. Sorry!

On Monday, I decided to make chocolate chip muffins for breakfast because I literally had no food in my house and hadn't had a chance to go to the grocery store yet. Then I did a bunch of house cleaning and other chores since I was up so early.
I spent some time playing with my favorite baby nephew on Tuesday. I had missed he so much while I was gone!
I've been working on decorations and other things for my sister's baby shower this weekend. I made this paper banner on Wednesday. I think it's pretty cute!
I went to a professional development class on Thursday. Then I got to have lunch with two sweet friends afterwards.
On Thursday night I went to see Rend Collective Experiment with some friends. I love Rend, so the concert was great! Plus, we had lots of fun laughing and enjoying our time together!
On Friday, my mom, Darrell, my nephew and I went to lunch at Chick-Fil-A. They were passing out clown noses to advertise for the circus and a certain little boy had fun with them!
I spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening making chocolate covered Oreo's for my sister's baby shower tomorrow.
I think they turned out pretty well! Now I need to put them in baggies.
I plan on spending the rest of the afternoon fluffing paper pom poms, bagging Oreos, and watching movies. I can't wait to celebrate my sister and my sweet, new niece tomorrow!
Hope you're having an awesome weekend!