Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Snapshots (x2)

Last weekend I was out of town without my computer, so I didn't get a chance to do my regular Saturday post, so I'll recap the last two weeks. Two weekends ago we enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day with my mom. Here we all are.
We had lunch at my cousin's house with all of my family.
I didn't realize it, but I didn't take any other pictures that week. Weird, I know!
Last Friday, I headed to Nashville with my sister and nephews. When we woke up to begin exploring the city on Saturday, this was the view from our room. Boo rain!
We walked to the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum first since it was connected to our hotel and we didn't have to go outside. It was pretty interesting! There were so many people that I had never heard of before.
We went to the Opryland Hotel. We actually road a boat inside it which was interesting and had dinner before heading to the Grand Ole Opry.
We saw Jackie Lee and several others on the Grand Ole Opry stage. It was really cool to see. 
Our hotel had this super yummy and cute restaurant in it, so we checked it out. We had brunch at the top rated brunch spot in Nashville- Boom!
Then we did a hop on, hop off tour. Did you know that Nashville has a life sized replica of the Parthenon? It was kind of Bazaar. 
Here we are on our trolley.We had fun exploring and learning some of the city's history.
We took a tour of the Ryman Auditorium.
These goobers pretended to be awesome on stage.
We actually had some parts of our days without rain.
We walked across the pedestrian bridge because why not?!
I got to take a pretty panoramic shot while on the pedestrian bridge. It was worth the walk/hike. We came home on Monday and then it was back to normal life.
This past Thursday was TOM's day without shoes. This picture gave shoes to a kid in need. Good deal!
Friday morning was sprinkle donut day. I'm a sucker for sprinkles and donuts!
We had to vacate our room yesterday afternoon, so we took a brand new box of chalk and used the entire thing to decorate the hardtop. Color and smiles were everywhere. Our unplanned trip outside was the perfect way to end the week.
I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. Happy Memorial Day to you!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday Snapshots

This school week was pretty good! A welcomed change from the weeks before. We only have four weeks of school left. So crazy!

Last weekend my mom, nephew, niece and I went to some festivals. It was a nice day to be outside and to enjoy these kiddos.
I loved her in this hat! I took way too many pictures of her in it.
He got to make slime and sand art. He also rode big slides and jumped on this bungee jump thing.
We just might have had lots of fun!
The hard weeks have given way to this. I don't want to live my life worn out.
We celebrated our kids who can count to 100 this week. They all got to have some sneaky recess at the end of the day. Woo Hoo!
This week was teacher appreciation week. Several of my kiddos wrote me sweet notes!
I had dinner with a sweet friend who just got engaged this week. She told me all about the proposal and the beginnings of wedding planning. I am so excited for her! This sunset was the perfect ending to the day!
On Friday I went over to my sister's to paint wine glasses. She was having a party for her friend's birthday. We had lots of fun! The instructor lady was giving directions on how to paint flip flops or a square monogram on the wine glasses. I decided to do my own thing. After we were done painting, we sat around for a long time just talking and catching up.
This little guy's last t-ball game was on Saturday. I'm so sad they're over. I really liked getting together with everyone each week.
They're coach told them how proud he was of them. It was very cute!
I hope you had a restful weekend! Here's to a whole new week!