Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Saturday Snapshots {On a Wednesday… Woah!}

Last week was my last full week of summer! Isn't that crazy and sad and kind of exciting?! There is still work being done on my house (it's been going on for two weeks now), so I'm living with everything being covered with plastic or brown paper and dust. I'm ready for my renovation projects to be done! I've loaded up on snacks and waters for the guys working in my house because they're working so hard and who doesn't love snacks?!
I made little "goodie bags" for our trip to New York to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday! They had a chap stick, nail file, hand sanitizer, kleenex, and a pack of gum in them. Necessities for the trip, of course!
We took this guy to do a little painting last week. He painted a truck bank and then we made a little something for his mommy's birthday. It was pretty fun!
On Thursday, my sisters, niece, sister-in-law and I  all got on a plane and headed to New York City for a long weekend. Here's one really good reason I didn't blog on Saturday. The other reason that it took me until Wednesday to post this is simply because my phone wouldn't upload my pictures. Oh, technology!
Our first stop when we got in on Thursday night was the Stardust Diner. All of the waiters and waitresses took turns singing. It was a cool experience. 
Our hotel was actually in Times Square, which was really fun! We got to see the chaos of Times Square at all times of the day.
On Friday, I had my first Dry Bar experience. It was really fun!
I loved the way my hair turned out and it was fun having curly hair since my hair is so stinkin' straight all of the time. You always want what you don't have, right? :) But seriously, it was just so bouncy!
We went to Carlo's Bakery. Yum!
We walked the High Line in Chelsea. I think it's a great idea to turn an old rail line in to a park. It was a great place to watch the sun set and to people watch too!
There's a place in Times Square kind of in front of the Good Morning America studio that you can stand and be on one of the really big screens. One morning there wasn't a lot of people around, so we took the opportunity to be on the big screen! I love my sisters, but we hug.
On Saturday we went to see The One World Observation Deck. It has a beautiful view and is an amazing reminder of all that happened there, all the people who were impacted by 9/11 and how they all overcame.
All of us 100 floors up!
It's amazing how huge New York feels when you're standing on the ground, but it looks so tiny when you're looking down on it.
A view of itty bitty Manhattan.
Then we walked over to the 9/11 Memorial. These fountains are indescribable as you walk around and read the names of all those lost at the World Trade Centers, The Pentagon and on the airplanes.
So much sadness resides in the physical beauty of the fountains, which stand in the footprints of the World Trade Centers.
We explored Canal Street and then ended up walking down Broadway. We found a truck that was selling jeans. Of course, we thought it was silly at first and then we all climbed in, tried on jeans and bought a pair. How crazy is that? I tried on and bought jeans off of a truck! 
We found our way to the Dominique Ansel Bakery and got chocolate chip cookie shots that were super yummy and rich! We actually had to stand in line for them. We were first in line because we were dedicated!
Saturday night we went to see a Broadway show that was kind of weird. The storyline was hard to follow, but the people in the show did a great job.
We got to see Taye Diggs and get his autograph too! Boom!
My niece got one autograph and my sister got two- one for her and one for me! I was oblivious and taking pictures. Oopsie!
We went to see St. Patrick's Cathedral on Sunday morning. It's a beautiful church sandwiched in between high rise buildings.
We popped inside to see the awesome architecture and stained glass windows!
We did a little shopping and eating in Rockefeller Center before packing up and heading to the airport. It's always sad to finish an adventure, but it was so fun to create memories with my family!
So I'll do my best to update this week's happenings a little better. We shall see! Soon I'll be back in to more of a schedule when school starts! I hope you're having a great week!