Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

The first week back at school was crazy busy! I stayed after school most days to get things organized and put away. It was lots of fun to get to know my students a little better. They are sweet and busy little people. It's funny how much I forget about the beginning of the school year. The kiddos are still so young and they get tired so easily. The end of the school year is so different from the beginning. Obviously. I think I might block out some of the beginning of the year junk and remember how great the end of the year runs, so that I'll continue teaching year after year. It's a safety mechanism of sorts.

So last Sunday, my oldest sister and I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. My nephew prepared the bucket of ice and let it get really cold for us. What a sweet heart!
Here's a screen shot of our video. We didn't intend to match, but it happened. It was cold for like an instant. I must say the build up to knowing I would have ice poured on my head was worse than actually getting the ice poured on me.
We made hats on the first day of school, so that everyone would know that we survived rocked it! I was pretty impressed with most of the kids coloring and cutting skills. Go kiddos!
When I got home on Monday, I found a sweet treat from my sister in my kitchen. She left yummy cupcakes for me! Yay!
My assistant principal went around to take pictures of each classroom one day. Here we are rocking our day! We are slowly getting in to a routine and getting procedures down.
My baby nephew face timed me while I was on the path walking. He is quite funny!
I've been loving the sky lately. Since I've gotten back in to a routine, I've gone walking everyday after school this week. It's nice to spend some time outside.
Friday morning, the sunrise was bursting forth over the roof of my school as I got out of my truck. It was breathtaking!
We had snow cones at school on Friday! It was pretty stinkin' awesome! I had birthday cake flavor and there were even sprinkles! Woot woot!
I spent most of today running errands with my mom and doing some home upkeep things. I'm kind of tired now, so it's time for a movie!
Enjoy your holiday weekend!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

This week has been overwhelming and really hard with burst of laughter and relief. It was my first week back to work. I can't believe school starts on Monday. Summer, where did you go?! I'm excited to have a classroom full of new, smiley kids though.

This is my new kinder team at my new school. They're kind of fun! Our theme this year is super heroes. You couldn't tell right?
I tried to get back in to the routine of going out to the path when I get home from school. I haven't been super great about going walking/running during the summer. Plus, it's been stupid hot. Now that school's back, I'm hoping to go out most days after school. It's a nice way to unwind and exercise a bit. I kept thinking it might rain when I took this picture, so it might have motivated me to pick up the pace a bit.
I face timed my baby nephew the other day. He was showing me his Jack-In-The-Box. He's so fun!
Close to the path where I walk/run, there is a horse pasture. There were a bunch of little yellow flowers through out the field and it was just really pretty. Unfortunately, this picture doesn't do it justice, so imagine it being prettier!
I spent all week in professional development meetings or preparing and organizing my classroom. I feel pretty good about it. We had meet the teacher on Thursday and I got to meet about two thirds of my kids. They are so smiley and excited and a few were shy. I know we are going to have an amazing year learning and growing together!
There was a lot that happened this week that I had no control over. There's some frustration and unknown about logistics for my new classroom. I'll be part of starting a new program at my school and I heard it would run one way on Monday and then a completely new way on Thursday. To say that this week was stressful and overwhelming might be a bit of an understatement, but I'm trying to remember that God placed me at my new school with this new opportunity and he knows exactly how it will go even when I don't. I'm praying desperately for peace in the unknown and for my precious kiddos as they prepare to start kindergarten on Monday!
Hope you have a great weekend!