Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Romania Shirts

Hello all! 

I'm selling these t-shirts to help fund my mission trip to Romania this summer. The purpose of this shirt is two-fold. Not only am I hoping to raise funds, but I'm also hoping the shirt will serve as a reminder to you to pray for our trip this summer, as well as the children and families that I work with in Romania through Another Child Foundation. The school there serves the community of Tarnaveni all year long, so we appreciate your continued prayers every time you wear this shirt even after our trip!

They are $20 each ($22 for XXL & XXXL).
Plus $5 for shipping, if needed.

Let me know if you'd like one and what size you need! 
I'll also need your address, if I'll be shipping your shirt to you. 
And I can give you my address if you want to mail a check.
Email me at jahuettel (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks so much,

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Snapshots

This week was a little crazy and exhausting. I might have been asleep by 8:30 last night. It was also a good week full of getting back in to the swing of things at school.

Last weekend I went to visit my friend in Waco. I also got to hear her preach on Sunday morning. I'm so proud of her! And it was really nice to get away for a few days.
The hymnal we used had Jesus Loves Me written out in 11 languages. I thought that was really cool! I also really loved singing Jesus Loves Me in church! That doesn't seem to happen enough.
After church and lunch, we took a quick picture before putting our comfy clothes on. Hopefully I'll get to visit her more this semester.
The drive home was yucky. I wasn't ready to leave.
Gas prices have been wonderful for filling up my tank, but I'm concerned about our economy. It's getting a little crazy!
After reviewing addition, subtraction and graphing this week, I gave my kiddos some time to play with their blocks. One little boy said, "Ms. H, I made you!" I thought it was pretty fantastic. Then all the kids started making recreations of me with blocks. They're pretty funny!
I got to have dinner with this sweetie and my nephew on Thursday. Man, I had missed them!
We tried to take a picture. It was quite tricky!
The sunrise on Friday was beautiful! We've had weeks of cloudy yuckiness, so the sun was a wonderful surprise!
Now I'm soaking up a three day weekend!
Hope your weekend is going well!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Saturday Snapshots {On a Monday}

Last week was our first week back at school after the Christmas break. It was busy, full of procedural reminders and stories of Christmas adventures.

Two Sundays ago, I put together my new school easel that I got for Christmas. It's pretty fancy and has drawers in the middle. I hadn't added them yet in this picture.
I saw this sunset last week while I was running errands. I definitely pulled over in the parking lot to take a picture. It was beautiful (no filter added) and so worth it. 
I decided to finally get some rocking chairs for my front porch. I put them together last week. I'm pretty much a pro at putting together random furniture. Especially furniture that requires "team steps." This team of one laughs in the face of those "team steps."
Another amazing sunset last week. The reminders of God's continuous graciousness and mercy in the sky is my favorite!
After I put the second rocking chair together, I set up my front porch on one of the coldest nights of the year. I'm liking the way it turned out. It's been kind of weird going from having nothing on the porch to a full porch of furniture.
Now on to a new week full of kiddos, report card assessments, and professional development.
I hope your week is wonderful!!