Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Snapshots

This week included two days of training and three days with kids. It was weird and busy. The Spring semester brings so many activities and things that must take place above and beyond teaching. It's a crazy time of year. We have two weeks before Spring Break and so much to do!

Last weekend, I went to dinner with some family and friends on Valentine's. It was a beautiful, warm day!
We had a professional development day at school on Monday. While the kids were away, the teachers played. We played Hungry Hungry Hippo in the gym! It was intense! I even got a hole in my shirt.
I was able to go for a walk a couple of times this week. Thursday evening was beautiful. The perfect ending to a good day!
We had our Bear Float Parade and Western Day on Friday. We paraded around the school with our floats and stuffed animals. Then we showed off our western dancing in the gym. It was a fun day!
I hung out with my sister, niece and nephew last night. This one has become quite the little giggler!
I've gone to bed with this verse in my mind every night this week. I'm trying to be better about committing verses to memory.
Tomorrow we celebrate my baby nephew's birthday at his birthday party. I can't believe he's gotten so big. He is such a blessing to us!
Happy Weekend!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Snapshots

This week was a good one. I feel like it has taken us all year to get to a point where every day isn't just so stinkin' hard. I am thankful that better days have finally arrived.

Three years ago, God made a way for me to go to Romania to serve children & families. Since then I have been called back summer after summer to continue building relationships, sharing the Gospel & supporting the work that goes on all year round. Romania is a beautiful country whose people are resilient & strong despite all that they face. I'm thankful God made a way & sent me. || I'm selling these shirts to help fund my time in Romania this summer. They say, "Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do." Shirts cost $20 (XXL & XXXL cost $22). Plus, $5 if shipping is needed. I'll be placing an order soon, so let me know if you'd like a shirt. Prayers are also greatly appreciated! I'm sending the order in on Monday!

We went to dinner for my step-dad's birthday. I spent the whole time loving on this one. She's precious!
Happy Birthday Old Guy!
Some days I am reminded how broken I am more than others. On those days I fall asleep begging for a new day and more Jesus.
The weather has been wonderful this week. I have gone for walks a lot. My mom checks on me and one day I forgot to tell her that I had returned to the path, but it was ok because the couch had found me and I was safe and sound! This makes me laugh!
The gorgeous weather has some with gorgeous sunsets!
I got lots of Valentine's goodies yesterday. They were sweet and full of creative spelling.
Now I'm going to dinner with my family!
Happy Valentine's Y'all!