Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

This past week was an exhausting one. The last week before Christmas break is full of chaos and fun. Plus, I was busy getting gifts ready for staff at school and making yummy treats.

I made this wreath for my co-teacher. I have really enjoyed working with her this year through out all of the ridiculousness. I'm not sure I would have survived this first semester of co-teaching without her.
I made 37 glitter jar candle holders for the kinder team and office staff at my school. It was quite the undertaking!
I put chocolate drizzled pretzels in to jars for the guys on our staff.
Our elf was up to no good this week. She's pretty feisty. I might miss her shenanigans when we get back to school in January.
I made lots and lots of chocolate covered pretzel rods and marshmallows this week. I've eaten just a few! :)
Zoe, our elf, had a tape mishap this week. We all laughed!
We had a kinder team Christmas party at my house on Thursday night. I put out my marshmallows and pretzels on my new tiered stand. I like it a lot!
My co-teacher and I at the Christmas party.
The whole bunch of crazy women. We had lots of fun sharing stories, laughing and trading secret Santa gifts. I kind of love making memories with sweet people in my home!
Some of the sweet gifts my kids gave me this week! They are too good to me!
We took my baby nephew to see a Christmas show with puppets. They also had a train display that was pretty cool!
There was a tree that was just about his size.
Sara and I did some last minute Christmas shopping yesterday. Yay for hot chocolate while walking around outside at the outlet mall.
My family, Heather and I went to see Christmas lights at Moody Gardens. This was us on the way before some of us took naps.
The nativity light display.
Heather and I. I'm so glad she's in town for Christmas!
We found this little picture cut out on the way to the car. Somebody might have been pretty sleepy!
It has been an amazingly busy and fun weekend! 
Now on to Christmas week and all the festivities it includes!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

This week was a short one and a long one all in one. I was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I only went to work for three days, but being out made for lots of stuff to catch up on. It was madness. Being sick kind of sucks!

Last weekend I attempted to take some three month old pics of this sweetie pie. She's kind of cute!
My mom, niece and nephew came by on Wednesday. My niece had lots of different faces for me while I was talking to her.
Then her big brother wanted in on the picture taking. I love her eyes in this picture. She's like, "Seriously?!"
I'm not sure where our elf was when I wasn't at school, but while I was there she sat up on top of our projector screen.
Then she wrote us a note and was hanging on the wall on Friday.
Sara and I went to see some Christmas lights on Saturday night. This house had a Santa and a really long line of people waiting to see hime. Ho ho ho!
I've spent most of this weekend shopping for and making gifts for people at school. It's been fun and kind of stressful! Only 5 school days left before Christmas break!
Happy Weekend!